I am Kurt Vonderleu of Snowsports Montafon –certificated ski instructor & ski guide with an officially-recognised education.

BORN AND raised in the Montafon, I know the skiing region and the surrounding mountains like the back of my hand. Moreover I am a passionate winter sports enthusiast and convinced to inspire you as well!

I am looking forward to welcoming you!



Selective group sizes, first-class agenda items, specific teaching methods which are tailored to your particular needs as well as flexible meeting points in all skiing regions of the Montafon are exceptional assets.


Highest officially-recognised education, permanent training as well as expertise and know-how through long-term professional experience guarantee quality, efficient progress and perfect skiing pleasure.


As your personal coach, I provide you with a solid basic technique that helps you save energy in order to fully enjoy your day out skiing. The lessons’ main focus and the course time are individually adapted to your needs. Safety, well-being and maximum success are vital aspects.


These unique but essential elements are required for you to experience passion, pleasure, joy and fascination in winter sports, just like I do!

– Kurt Vonderleu –